Hire of Pro Racing Simulators

Pro Racing Simulators have now introduced a brand new simulator featuring professional racing experience. These new simulators are now up for hire and available in the GT Pro and the Formula Pro versions. Equipped with efficient steering systems and high definition details of the race chassis, these new simulators employ the use of three really giant screens. The simulators have been expertly designed for the exhilarating and larger than life experience of the users.


Unique and Graphically Compelling Simulators for Best User Experience

As Pro Racing Simulators are gaining a lot of popularity, we have instilled a passion to keep on producing the best graphics and race modules. Pro Racing Simulators offer their services for hire for a wide variety of events. The most popular gatherings that feature racing simulators are birthday parties, product launch campaigns, corporate entertainment retreats, weddings, fundraisers, trade shows, exhibitions and stag parties.  The products of Pro Racing Simulators are specially designed and constantly revamped to ensure that your guests are thoroughly entertained.


What Makes Pro Racing Simulators Better than the Rest

The rigs of Pro Racing Simulators are constantly manned by professional race controllers. Their supervision is constant and unwavering, thereby allowing for immediate assistance and master control of the simulators available for hire.  At all events, Pro Racing Simulators provide for a state of the art lap board that keeps effective track of multiple users. This enhances the user satisfaction because it helps to endorse the competitive element of professional racing. As the lap board keeps an active track of the lap times of competing users, it easy for the event organizers to award small trophies to make the event a hit. This, of course, depends on the overall idea behind the event but is certainly a service that Pro Racing Simulators can offer. The idea behind trophy presentation, for the top three performers, is to highlight the gratification that a user feels after a stint at the simulator.  Since the simulators have been designed in a portable approach, they are very easy to set up in a variety of locations, without compromising on the experience of the users. Pro Racing Simulators can also provide a marquee or a trailer to enhance the outdoor experience.


Corporate Branding - Get More People to Notice Your Brand

With the kind of attention, Pro Racing Simulators generates, a dramatic increase in the footfalls of your stall is guaranteed. The racing experience has all that it takes to get noticed and generate inquiries. The amazing experience that users get from using the Pro Racing Simulators is bound to increase the recall value of your brand too! With every application module tailor-made for the best user experience, you can be sure of the popularity of your corporate branding. The major reason behind this is that the games and the races (of both GT Pro and Formula Pro alike) can be modified to feature your brand name among the graphics of the game itself. This in-game improvising has proved to be very successful for many corporate branding events and could work for your brand as well.

Hiring Pro Racing Simulators is a great idea to make your event or corporate day a success. Professional racing simulators is an adrenaline-powered high energy activity which is very entertaining and thrilling. With this unusual, yet popular addition to your event, you can get adequate attention and attract bigger crowds than usual.


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